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Harrowing first-hand account from a refugee legal clinic in Tijuana.

This post is from an Otay Allies volunteer who followed our list of ways to help and spent the week of New Year’s volunteering for Al Otro Lado (, which provides legal advice to people seeking asylum encamped in Tijuana. There are an estimated 10,000 refugees in Tijuana with inadequate humanitarian and legal resources. Please read and share. […]

“All are brothers in the eyes of God”

Last week, we received a letter from Ulises, an LGBTI refugee held in prison at Otay Mesa while he seeks asylum.  He relayed a remarkable story: “Inside there are 140 of us who have organized to share our commissary.  We are from all over the world:  Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Africa.  We do […]

Fernando from Honduras: “I am alone in this life”

This week, the New York Times covered the Honduran caravans fleeing their home country–which is effectively in a low-level civil war–to seek asylum here. . . . only to be imprisoned as criminals in Otay Mesa rather than taken in as refugees. Read this letter we received this week from Fernando from Honduras, 23 years […]