F. was shot twice, beaten, and raped, and that’s why he fled Honduras. Why is he in a US prison?

Hello good day with a lot of respect I direct to you By this means requesting help, well if you can.

My name is F., ____ I am 23 years old
I’m from Honduras and I’m here asking for asylum because
I have problems in my country, I was shot on 2 occasions
once was in 2014 the second time in 2017 I was beaten
about 5 or 6 times and this year I was beaten and
sexually abused and I really did not like any of those
bad experiences that I had, that’s why I left my country.

All those problems that I had in the past were because I gave my
services to the Military (Military) forces of my country I gave
my services in the year 2014 until 2017.

Well I’m asking you for a little help since I do not have
family here in the United States or in Honduras so that I can get
support, since I grew up alone with my grandmother. She raised me since
I was a year old because my father killed my
mother, well given the fact that my grandmother mom of my
mom took care of me I never met my dad or his relatives.

And I was left alone since my grandmother passed away in 2016 and
from that date I have been alone in this life.

Sorry for bothering you and taking a little bit of your time but
I would really like to be helped.

Thank you very much Happy Day Blessings.

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